Sunday, July 8, 2007


Deck out in their new kit for the 2007 season proudly sponsored by financial planning company Pivotal Group, BLACKS FC fought back from 2 goals down to wrap up their first league win for the season! (BLACKS 3-2 Argonauts)

The game started with BLACKS conceding an early goal to Argonauts despite having a fair share of the ball possession. Things turn for the worst when the opponents put another past to up their lead to 2 goals. Fortune start to change when Alvin pull one back, receiving a beautiful pass from Gopi to end the first period 1-2.
BLACKS came out for the 2nd period with all cylinders firing and equalise with Azlan's crisp finishing, leveling the game. Against all odds, Chris(def) who seldom ventured forward, turn our opponents good start in the game into a nightmare finish by simply pushing the ball into the far post. With that Blacks ended the 2nd period 3-2.
Sensing an onslaught by Argonuats on the restart, BLACKS kept cool in the last period to end the game on 07/07/07 with a victory!

Well done! It was an entertaining team performance and was even filled with strange breathing rituals from Ishak. Players like Fabius(GK), Ishak and Chris should be commended for their efforts. Fabius's very first season with BLACKS and playing well, Ishak's non stop running and Chris playing through his injury and scoring! However, there is only one Match of the Match (MOM) and the team decided it was Fabius. He saved many shots and kept his concentration to prevent Argonauts' revival. We catch up with him after the match to find out what he thinks.-

1)How do you feel being the MOM for the very first game of 2007?

I feel very happy and honored to be selected as MOM especially on such a symbolic day on 07 July 2007. However, I will not be complacent and will fight to be the MOM for the games to come.

2) Great start, good win but it is still early in the season. Anything you feel the team needs to work on urgently?

I think there must be more communication during the game. In the 3rd period we played well and handled the pressure well. We need to maintain this! In the 1st period, we really need to get into the game faster and not take our own sweet time to settel down!

3) Any skills/tip for all BLACKS?

Im a goalie so maybe I share something for goalies. I think as goalies we need to shout at our players to mark opponents on the blind side. Communication as I said earlier is very important.

Well done BLACKS FC.! All the best to the gals and Div 3 guys for the debut tomorrow! Keep a lookout for the latest update on their matches!!!

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