Sunday, July 29, 2007


In the earlier match, SIMply BLACKS lost 2-1 in Div 3 due to some poor refereeing while Div 2 BLACKS FC won 5-1 against SP Mustangs.

SIMply BLACKS vs Eldorado

The match started with BLACKS determined to prove a point against the "stronger" team. Going against odds, BLACKS actually took the lead with an early goal from Reeve. The slender lead is just not enough for BLACKS to last another 2 periods by only defending. They threw caution to the wind and went in search for the elusive 2nd goal. However, Eldorado counter attacked on an occasion and managed an equalizer in the 3rd period capitalizing on the BLACKS failure to close players down.
The match looked set to end in a tie when a poor referee decision cost BLACKS their game. One referee blew for BLACKS ball while the other blew for Eldorado's. The confusion led to Eldorado playing the ball first and taking a lucky shot past the stone BLACKS line.
What a robbery! That was the end of the BLACKS quest for victory as the buzzer is just minutes away.

BLACKS FC vs SP Mustangs

The match today against the Mustangs was not the best performance from BLACKS but yet they manage to take 3 points. Is that a sign of a strong team?
Mustangs started aggressively and tried to play with vigour but they were eventually outclassed by the BLACKS veterans. Ishak who shines best playing in TSH scored the 1st goal in the 15th minute of the first period from a really acute angle on the right side, catching the goalie off guarded.
On the restart, BLACKS double their lead through good work from Yoge and allow Venu to put the ball past the goalie. Gopi too got onto the scoresheet with his trademark sweep shot when he charge forward to receive a pass from Alvin. Ishak added to his tally with another before the end of the 2nd period.
In the final period, BLACKS who had been reminded several times from coach Lionel not to play down the middle actually did it again hence resulting in a Mustangs counter attack to stain Wayne's cleansheet (4-1). As Mustangs tire, its all the way BLACKS as they mount attack after attack before Venu add to Mustang's misery to end the game 5-1.
Today also saw action from another debutant. The 1.97m giant Magnus came on in the third period to familiarise himself with BLACKS system and played really effectively.
Good job! Cheers to the Victory!

Although it was a terrible lost to SIMply BLACKS in Div 3 but they had a MOM and that is Kannan. For Div 2 BLACKS FC, the nomination was Ishak and Venu who tirelessly covered alot of ground. But the final selected MOM for this match is Ishak. Let check out what they have to say:

How do you feel being the MOM?

I: It was great to be selected! I think we have improved alot from last year as we seem to be more confident especially on the first touch of the ball.
K: I am happy and shocked because it was unexpected. I thought everyone played well, exceptionally well.

What do you think the team can improve on?
I: We should be more composed. Pass the ball earlier if possible as the earlier ball will give more options and make life easier for the forwards.
K: Floorball is a team sport. Every player's contribution counts. We must align our aim and goal then the team will be formidable.

Any particular tip/skill you want to share with the team?

I: Take a step forward to receive the ball and not be static!
K: I found some good points. They are... bouncing ball- body first. 50/50 ball- always approach the ball, don't wait for it to come to you. In terms of strategy, we need to co-operate for teamwork. Lastly, just enjoy the game.

Keep a lookout for more action next week... only on!

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