Sunday, July 29, 2007


SIMply BLACKS gals teams beat the Road Warriors 7-2 yesterday noon at Tampines Sports Hall. It is one of the biggest win for the ladies in a competitive match since formation of the club. Has the gals team finally awaken from the slumber and ready to move on?

The match began with the Road Warriors going in aggressively for every challenge. Fortunately, our ladies blessed with good refereeing could withstand the knocks and kept their composure. Realizing that they could do much more damage to the opponents if they shoot, they push forward in search for goals. Their efforts to take more shots paid off when a rebound from a shot landed on Ethel's path who calmly push the ball into the net to take the lead in the first period.

Morale up, our gals storm forward with 1 more goal when Aizha ran through the Road Warrior's centre area unchallenged and took a shot towards the right far post. The ball "rolled" all the way in with everybody including the opponents goalie wrong footed, confirming the point that when you shoot, shoot with accuracy over power. That gave BLACKS a 2 goal advantage going into the 3rd period.

Sensing a win near, Baoying put another past the goalie from an assist by Winnie on the restart of the 3rd period. Overjoyed, BLACKS got complacent and lost concentration. That allow Road Warriors to come back with 2 goals to make the score 3-2. BLACKS suddenly felt a sense of gloom over their head. Will they let in the 3rd and then go on to lose the match?

With coach Jaime's constant encouragement, the gals are determined to win this one. Baoying again scoring by beating one player to put the ball past the goalie on a breakaway (4-2). With some reshuffling of the lineup, Ethel came on to bring the ball down the right flank to shoot past the goalie in a very tight corner. That boosted the gals morale again and Melissa too got onto the score sheet by smashing the ball into the top corner from Baoying's pass. Yashi ended Road Warriors misery with the last goal when her sheer hardwork won her the ball from the opponents defender to go on to push the ball into the goal.

Finally a convincing win for our ladies! Congrats!

The team on a whole played well. This included the defenders who although did not score but gave the front players assurance to push forward. Coach Jaime had a hard time to decide on the MOM. She did choose Ethel for her consistency throughout the game in the end.

Wow! Great job gals! How do you feel being the MOM on top of this sweet victory?
E: It was very unexpected. I thought Wang Wee should be chosen as MOM because she did not start the game but yet came on later to play very well. I think the whole team played well today and Im proud of that!

What areas do you think the team can improve on so as to win more matches?
E: We need to tighten our defense and not give the opponents too much space!

Any tips that you can share with everybody regarding floorball?
E: Always approach the ball and not wait for it to reach you when receiving a pass. Be aggressive but not hurt anybody!

Well done to the gals again! Lets go down to catch the action from the Div 3 and Div 2 guys later!

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