Saturday, March 22, 2008

Celebrate Team Celebrate!

Starting to miss the spirit of being a winning team?

Here's something to remind us all of the good times!

IVP Celebrations on the 29th March (Sat) 2008

Dinner starts at 6.30pm at Valhall and playtime starts at 8pm!
(kindly hit 'Valhall (Directions)' on 'links' should you want route information)

Don't forget those details in red now...

Just turn up in the attire of your choice, with the equipment of your choice...
(this post is GK friendly)

Till then... Au Revoir!

By the way... this is an invitation to ALL in the BLACKS family...
Yes you... IVP players from the ladies and mens team...
You too... league players... Div 1-3...
This time... we're also inviting all who want to make the team!

Get a hold of either Venu (91446616) or Charles (97640779) to RSVP.
(Better do it soon to ensure sufficient food)

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