Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday Night Fever over???

Yes yes yes... For those who came for the IVP Celebration, I know you must be suffering the aftermath right now.

But look at this from another angle. For those who didn't manage to attend the celebration, they must be suffering WORSE than you!!! hahahaha...

Want more??? Just too bad... =P

Looks like the night of Fun, Friends and Floorball will keep you thinking back now and then during times of boredom and tiredness. (So, get used to it before you end ur exams and start PARTYING again!)

Oh... Hold on! Just before we go back to dumping ourselves into the hills of notes and study materials, let's recall the good times... =]

Firstly, a million of gratitude to those who came down for the celebration. Your presence made a great difference to the whole event!

Also, a "Thank You" for the "investors" of BLACKS Money Fund. We ensure you the long term benefits of Fun, Friends and Floorball and many more. (No money back "guaranteed")

For the first time, the club has came up with a souvenir that is EXCLUSIVE to SIM BLACKS. (How often do u see this?? haha...)

For those who didn't have a chance to get, don't worry, more to come in the future. So, meanwhile, be Jealous and Envious of those who has it. hahahaha.... =P

Do remember the motto: "Once you are BLACK, you cannot turn BACK!"

Next, I must say... The floorball "league" games were supposed to be another mingling session for young and "old", guys and girls, one and all to have fun and get to "know" one another. (if u know what I meant =P hahaha...)

But in the end, the toughness and competitiveness were so intense that it felt like the "REAL" deal. haha... (I guess the top 3 prizes were so "attractive" that the teams had to fight till the end!!)

All the "highness" and fun were so great that everyone had a great time... On top of that, we also celebrated Sally's bdae. (you must be thinking, what a day of "Celebrations"... hahaha...)

The day ended with Food, Cake, Fun, Friends and Floorball... Some even almost puked while playing... opps... hahaha... (what a night... *sob sob*)

Here's the club's gratitude to everyone who played a part in the event...

Venu, Kannan, Charles, Jacinta, Jiying, Teresa, Naseer for organizing this special event and helping out to keep the night going with all the administrative work (Great work guys n girls!)

Alvin for sponsoring a birthday cake for Sally (So we can get to eat it too... hahaha...)

Val for getting Sally's present on behalf of some people. (Thanks for the effort!)

Joey for staying up till he closed the place for us (Thank you dude!)

Everyone, whether you came to play, eat, talk, or mingle around, a big "Thank You" for being part of this historical event of SIM Blacks and a "Sorry" if it was too late for u to catch the last bus/train back home (U guys n girls ROCKz!!!)

Alrighty, till the next gathering or party, let's put our heads down to study hard!!! Work Hard, BLACKS!!!

Thank you once again!!! Cheers!!! =D

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