Saturday, February 21, 2009

The gift of GAB

Yes, the first interviewee we have is none other than Gabriel Teo from the guys team. He may just be a Year 1 student from RMIT Economics and Finance degree, but he has showed the seniors his drive and eagerness to play even though he knew nothing about floorball when he entered SIM.

All I can say is that he's one of the prom
ising young lads we have in the team. So, let's read on to know more about him as a person, team-mate and friend!

Firstly, the readers will want to know more about you. How about telling us what do you like to do?
Eh...what normal guys like to do... soccer, guitar, chilling and practice tapping the ball in front of the tv. ok maybe not the 4th one. =]

Guitar? As in the jamming type?
Nope I'm not the jamming type. I do classical and acoustic occasionally.

How about a band of your own and doing band or solo acts??
No band. If I need singing, I do it myself or pair up with my JC friend. Performance wise will be my friend who does the singing. We only replicate songs as we don't have inspiration or talent to write our own. I'm not good enough to perform solo la. Just occasional playing...

That's being humble... Then, what made you want to join SIM Floorball?
I wanted to try something new and my friend asked me to join too. But it seemed interesting, so decided to give it a try. Furthermore, it was more of wanting to join something to make my school life more fulfilling and a chance to kick the other UNIs assess... hur hur...

And, how has your floorball experience been so far??
Everyone has been very accommodating and patient with me as I knew nuts about floorball when i joined. The opportunity to play in the league, to see IVP games and to play with the more experienced and skillful players have been very enriching. On top of that, everyone has been very encouraging and accepting of me as a member so that has given me that morale boost. :D

Wow, the other seniors will be thrilled to hear these words from you. haha...
Yeah I wasn't like ostracized or avoided just because I was year 1 or could not play properly. The sense of belonging really helps in maintaining that interest and accelerates the learning curve.

So is there anyone in the floorball scene you look up to?
I have played for less than half a year. Up to now, I have not seen enough of players' playing to want to look up to them. That makes things easier for me as I would not be in awe or underestimate any player or any team. All would require my max output! When I have seen enough, my idol would be the sportsman who displays sportsmanship, respects the referee, his opponents and the game.

Agreed with your words of wisdom, all players should be taking note of this too. Having said so much about your experience, where do you see yourself becoming to in floorball?
For the next three years at least, I will stay with SIM Blacks. I should start scoring more goals and not just get stuck in corners already. After that, I'm really not sure cos it is quite expensive compared to soccer and my main circle of friends are not floorball players. Plus, traveling to TSH for games is not very fun. It should remain purely recreational in teams which still want me I guess. haha...

Alrighty, that's all for the part between Floorball and you. How about moving on to the more juicy and fun part now?

Everyone has been discussing about you having a striking resemblance with one of the senior player, so what is your relationship with him exactly??
Haha... The closest relationship is that he was one of the seniors who started teaching me how to play. We bluffed people that we are cousins and they believe! hahaha... but I would believe too lar.. I think we look abit similar lar... Hur hur...

There was another thing or RUMOUR about you and a girl from the club. So, what have you got to say about this??
What I have to say? (&^#*^#*&#.... The rumour started when I was bathing after a league game. Kannan just shouted: Eh GABRIEL YOU LIKE HER AHZ.. I said, WHO IS SHE? Kannan shouted back: OH, SO YOU LIKE HER!

Are you trying to say that all the heat of debating and discussion was for nothing??
Yar it's not true. It's rumours and we only know each other by name.

Now that you have clarified, so are you single and available???
I am happily attached to Miss Scream!

Miss Scream? Who is she???
My Exel Scream!!! hee hee... Anyway, yes. I am single and waiting for Miss Right to appear.

-_-||| Then what are the qualities u will look for when you search for Miss Right?
Tough question... hmm... It's the H word! HweeLing!!! After I get to know a girl, if she is Miss Right, I would know the Hweeling, and the qualities will fall into place.

Other than the Hweeling (feeling), are there any other factors or characteristics a girl possesses that attracts you???
Ermm she would have to be understanding, independent yet dependent, and she'll be the one I cannot live without. :D

Having said about your ideal soulmate, is there any goal or achievement you will like to set for yourself?
All my goals which I had set for myself were dashed before I turned 21. So for now, my goal would be to enjoy my life till I die. Having a high paying job would be a bonus!! You know... work in the day. At night, sit by the sea with my wife see the sunset and sip martinis...

But you are in year 1 only, it's a long term goal that you have set and most importantly you don't have a girlfriend yet! haha...
haha yar lar.. But that thought is very soothing and calming. It's better than to compete with people to exist. I rather live my life than fight to exist.

Philosophical words you have there young man, do you have any words for your fellow floorballers??
Live and play with passion! Do unto people what you want people to do unto you!

That's about all for the interview, thank you Gabriel.
haha quite fun eh!

On the whole, Gabriel is a funny guy with a unique sense of humour as we can see from the interview or for those who know him personally. On top of that, it was really comforting for seniors to see someone as passionate as him to be in the team!

Girls, wait no more... You can forget about looking at this month's Cleo magazine for eligible bachelors cos you are looking at one now!!!
Hot HoT HOT!!! GrAB him... =]

Stay tuned for the next target. It can be anyone!! If you want to recommend a friend, please feel free to recommend to our Special Reporter!!!

Till then for more juicy and informative post!!! Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy it. I know u did!!! hahaha... =P

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