Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a season to CHE.. ryl...

I know everyone's waiting for this latest article of interview. It will be boring if I only do interviews on guys. So, here's our first lady interviewee; Cheryl Teo. Cheryl's a Year 2 student from UOL Accounting and Finance degree.

Having a hockey background back in her JC days, she has adapted to the sport and played as a defender in the recent IVP too! So with further-a-do, let's read on and know more insights about this bubbly character in the club!

Why floorball? What attracted you to join in the first place??
The opportunity to meet new friends and the excitement of taking up something fun and new.

You seemed like an adventurous person. Are you one??
Can i assumed that I am one myself? That's a difficult question to answer! It's interesting to think that I will consider mysel
f an adventurous person. I always imagine myself backpacking around the world with no money at all!

So how has your adventure been in floorball so far???
HAHAHA, ADVENTURE! One word: AWESOME! I have met a great bunch of friends w
hich defintely make my stay in SIM an enjoyable one! Don't you think? =]

Yup, definitely I think so too! But it seems like they are always bullying you and even gave you a nick name.
Hmm... Sometimes I always wonder why. But if you think of it right, if there was no entertainment like that or so called, it would be a situation where you just stare at me, and I just stare at you. Then, there would be nothing to joke about and everything! But I bet someday, or maybe soon, some other poor being will be in the same state as me. That way, I would be free!

Haha. But I don't think they are willing to set you free.

If dumbo the elephant can fly, so can ANUSHA. On a serious note, it's a choice whether I want to be free and not whether they would be willing to set me free.

Hahaha... So how did the name ANUSHA come about?
Hmm... Let me think how the name come about... Oh yeah! On a sunday I think, they decided to go to the zoo. I obviously overslept and decided not to come. So my DEAR FLOORBALL FRIENDS, I guess they were pretty tired from the training and started hallucinating (images of me started appearing when they saw the elephant photo.) and thought the last one was me (WISE and old). The last one was called ANUSHA!

It seems like you are one important friend to them that they missed you so much.
Yeah! They missed me so much that images started to appear. Although I am going to see them the next day, by tagging me as the monkey, elephant, hippo on facebook even though I was not there just made me feel how important I am to them.

They don't want you to miss out on all the fun especially when the fun is on you. =]
Yeah I think so too! But I don't see the reason why I am the monkey, elephant and hippo? Can't I be the PENGUINS? Luckily, they did not tag me as the pig. hahaha...

Why penguins???
The way they swim in the ocean seems so carefree and everything. Or, Eagle. I can a birdeye view of everything.

That's quite an interesting and reflective thought. You don't seem so blur as they said actually. Are you??
Not really. I may appear to be but I am not one. If you observe closely, I am not really blur. When you are tired, your brains can't function well enough so everything seems blur.

Bimbo and blur come together. Are you one too?
No, I'm not a bimbo as I'm not blur. Yeah!

I know you are not attached but what kind of guys do attract you?
Someone worth sticking with! If one day I met him, then I will sum up all the characteristics. Then that's the kind of guy worth waiting for! Haha, but I dont mind a blood sucking vampire boyfriend who could grab you in his arms and take you somewhere faraway that could able to take your breathe away, like Edward from Twilight!

That's quite a fantasy! It seems like playing as a defender can be a fantasy. Do you like this postition??
I dont know how to describe to you but when playing as a defender basically it's the shiok feeling that you prevent your opponent from scoring a goal.

That's great to have you really do your job and striving to achieve that feel for you. So, where do you see yourself in floorball??
I see myself starting and wanting to appreciate and love the sport. Not wanting to score more goals, or defend more goals. Each time I step outside the court I know I did my best and play my part in the team no matter what the scoreline is. It is that kind of satisfaction that I want to achieve out of floorball. Maybe asking them to stop calling me Anausha and slowly appreciating my name!!

A great athlete to be, the other players should also aim to achieve that. Other than floorball, do you have any other goals??

To be a better man!!! Robbie Williams!! =]

-_-||| You want to be a man???

Eh man can be defined as he or she, can go wiki it!

Hahaha.. Alright, do you have any words for the floorballers before we end the interview???

Obviously!!! Stop bullying me!!! I think someone should initiate to start a campaign for me. hahaha... The world will become a better place FOR SURE if they stop bullying me! =]

As everyone can see, the interview was a fun and funny one. No wonder she is the lovable character in the girls team. The girls will agree on this as many of you will be nodding at the same time you read this article! =D

I do realise there is another side of Cheryl that she is not that blur from her interview. Maybe someone should help her start the campaign "Stop Bullying Anusha!". Cheryl will be delighted if there's kind-hearted souls to join the campaign too! haha...

As for those who have yet to be interviewed, please do not run away as YOU could be the next one!!! Stay tune for the weekly interview by your Friendly Reporter!!

Enjoy reading and please don't laugh too loud! hahahaha.... Thank you for staying with me till this point.

Reported by: Your Friendly Reporter!!! =]

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