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Think you Ken be as funny???

As requested by the public audience, I have interviewed the man who everyone wants to know more of. Yes, he's the guy whom everyone called "blur" and has a "funny" pronunciation.

Everyone, I give you Kenneth Ho from the guys team. He is a Year 1 student from UOL Diploma in Economics. After which, he will choose a degree to continue his 2nd and 3rd year of studies. So is he what everyone says he is? The only way to find out is merely reading on!

Where were you from before coming to SIM??
I took electronic computer engineering in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, wasted 3 yrs there because in the end I study completely different stuff when I came into SIM. The lecturer bluffed me into taking the course as he said that with my results, I confirm can do well.

But why Economics in SIM???
Because the girls in SIM are HOT! Haha... Actually, I like maths stuff and I hate to memorize. I sucked in engineering too. There's one time time I had to do a circuit board like power supply stuff. My lecturer brought it home to check and when he turned it on, it had a mini explosion and white smoke engulfed his room. He f***ed me the next day when he sees me for lesson. From then on, I know I was not a born engineer.

So you are saying that there's no accidents in Economics??
Haha... There won't be any accidents in econs unless I accidentally made someone in my class pregnant. This is called accident! Hahaha...

-__-||| So you were from Ngee Ann floorball team? Tell me about your experience there.
I have gone from a newbie to a floorball player loh! I have learnt alot playing with people like Brandon. Also, the coach was a girl and she's EMILY KOH! I used to have a crush on her when she wasn't my coach. In Ngee Ann Poly floorball team, I was called Rooney as I can run like crazy. Last time when I was in Year 1, I played floorball like no tomorrow. Running everywhere and it pissed my seniors off. Hahaha...

So how have your experience in SIM floorball been so far?
" HAHAHA, ADVENTURE! One word: AWESOME! I have met a great bunch of friends which defintely make my stay in SIM an enjoyable one! Don't you think? =] " - I have wanted to say this! Haha... Well, it has its ups and downs. The up part is getting to know alot of new friends through so many events such as frisbee, sim floorball madness and handball. I didn't know floorball girls are not only sporty but they are also very pretty when they are not in their sports attire.

as he continued to explain further...
Also, the up part is doing suicide as a team during the IVP training. Even though it was very hard for alot of people but we all made it through by encouraging each other. That's where the team spirit and team bonding is formed.

he finally talked about the down part...
The DOWN part was not winning a single game during the IVP. Wow, here's a secret. (Which did not become one after I posted this article!) During the NUS game, my eyes started tearing when they scored the second goal. Right in my mind, I was thinking; all the hard work, 3 days a week training, sometimes even 5 days a week, has gone down the drain. Another down part was losing 3-on-3 semi final to a guy called CHARLES and his team. If my team had won, I would have made Angela's team sweat blood to earn the champions trophy.

There wasn't any trophies given out for that event from what I know of actually. Is this a joke? But I hear from the guys team that you like to follow his footsteps alot. Is it true??
I was born to this world to make people happy. Aiyah.. It's because the girl I like in SIM finds him hot, so I want to learn from him how to be hot.

That's quite funny. So where do you see yourself becoming to in floorball??

I see myself becoming a floorball coach in future. Hopefully I can impart my skills to people who are new to the sport. I also see myself playing in Div1 in the coming years hopefully. I want to challenge myself to be able to survive in Div1. Also, I used to have this dream of being the captain in SIM floorball and lead them to IVP champions in front of alot of people.

Great dreams from you! You don't seem blur as they always say. What do you think??
They made me look blur. I'm not blur at all. I know all the gossips in the club! I keep myself up-to-date with them too. For example, ***** and ***, ******* and ****** (to protect everyone, the names have been censored by the Board of Blacks' Gossips Censorship-BBGC).

So you are not so blur actually but they like to say that Cheryl and you are similar. Do you agree???
In terms of skills, maybe a bit different. She is a defender and I'm an ALL-ROUNDER. Also, she has an Indian name but I don't. Similarity wise, we always get BULLIED by anyone. One more is that we are both ATTRACTIVE!

Bullied?? Are there any examples??
"Where I stay" questions are considered as bullying. But, I'm okay with them bullying me as it makes me feel like an innocent boy. I SHALL BULLY THEM IN THE FLOORBALL COURT!!! Hahaha...

I heard that there's no gossips or rumours about you and you are still single. Just what kind of girl are you looking for???
I hope to find someone who shares the same passion with me. Someone who can turn up and support me in whatever sport I'm taking part in. Someone who wants to be pampered with love. But even if she is a clubber and have completely different personalities with me, I would still be attracted to her because different poles attract to each other. ATTRACTION! Get it??? Hahaha...

I also heard that you admire some girls in the floorball scene. Care to share?
Hahaha.. Like I find ***** very pretty after a competition, ****** is actually very pretty but too bad she graduated, **** is super hot but too bad she's attached, ****** really knows how to dress and she looks like a shining star, ***** is super cute but her impression of me is not very good, *** is another ***** and I like the way she plays as a ******, ****** is a complete girl whom every guy would want by his side. (To protect the interviewee, all names and some words are censored. Happy guessing!!!)

Alright, that's a whole lot of analysis. Hahaha... Lastly, do you have any words for your fellow floorballers in th club??
Stay pretty and handsome as ever! For the guys, keep working hard as with hard work comes success. Maybe, with the new blood coming in next semester, we will be a stronger club. For the girls, stay single and available. I heard that the new batch of floorball guys are way better than those graduating this year. Hahaha... Hopefully we can have more team bonding sessions! Lastly, floorball is not everything as studies are still very important!!!

As everyone can see, Kenneth has a great passion for floorball. His dreams and all the talk about floorball is something that everyone should look up to. He's not as blur and soft spoken as most have said he is. He talks quite abit actually and has quite a good analytical mind. About what? Maybe you should ask him yourself. =D

Ultimately, he is a very funny person to have around in the team. The guys team will see more of his action on court and off court. Well, single ladies if you think he's the guy for you, please do not hestitate and sms Befriend Kenneth to 70028! Each sms costs $0.20. Parental consent has to be given for ladies under 18 years old.

I'm sorry for the long wait for the exciting interviews. I know all of you have been waiting to see who is the next one. Well, not to worry, I'm opening recommendations to everyone. If you have someone in mind, do leave a message on the tagboard!

Till then folks!! Stay tuned for the next interview!!! Thank you so much for reading and supporting till this point!

Reported by: Your Friendly Reporter!!! =]

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