Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tour De KL

Yet another normal TGIF night where normal people will let their hair down for the well-deserved weekend. However, that was not the case for the Blast Super Blacks (BSB). It was a night where they gathered at Golden Mile to be ready to board the coach to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The anxiety and excitment from every player were clearly seen on their faces as they talked about the trip and what is going to happen when they are there. Amazingly, this is the first time the team actually has a bonding trip to know more about one another and play together as a team. Without further a do, let me report about it in the following segments...

This marks the new era for Blast Super Blacks as it is the first time they are traveling overseas to play floorball. With the inauguration of their main sponsor BLAST, the team will be playing with the players from Team Blast under our new coach Gary Huang. Up till today, the team has been facing against strong opponents for friendly matches. For example, SIM IVP Team, TEK, Moosemen, NTU, SMU. This will prepare the team for the Singapore Floorball Division 2 League which will be held in August 2009.

Friendly Matches

Day 1 was not a good start for Blast Super Blacks as every player had only 1-2 hours of sleep during the journey. The stoning and pale look on everyone's face was clearly not something the players want to have on the first match with Malaysian National Team. Nevertheless, the team fought on and get used to the court on that day. Even though they lost, they didn't blame each other for the loss and they understand the situation and were willing to go through as a team. The disappointment on everyone's face was clear as they didn't go there to lose the match unprepared. However, with the encouragement from the coach, manager, captain and team-mates, everyone was looking forward to the 2nd match with the Malaysian National Team. Well, after food and enough sleep and rest of course... =]

Day2 was definitely a good start for the team. Everyone had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel and had enough sleep and rest. They knew there's only one thing left in their mind. That's to play their best and try to win the Malaysian National Team at the 2nd match. Upon reaching the Sports Plaza, the players got ready and team morale was high and energetic. It was clear that in their eyes, they only want to bring back the glory they missed on Day1. When the game was played, it was clear that the team was more prepared and they played so much better. Even the opponents were taken aback by the different intensity and level of play during the 2 days. The win for the day was not clear as both teams equalised the score every time the opponent scored a goal. However, fate was sealed when Blast Super Blacks finally scored the crucial winning goal 5mins before the whistle blew. Both teams took photos together and talked to one another after the game. It truly marked a page in the history of floorball for both teams. Indeed, the glory was brought back with the team's effort and desire to win.

Food, Entertainment & Shopping

BSB has been eating their hearts out in KL. They combed the area around the hotel they stayed in, "Ridiculous" International Hotel (according the captain of the team... haha...). Fast food was a MUST especially when it comes to A&W. As they jalan jalan, they would stop by any nice eateries or get any snacks to eat along the way!

The team went shopping from Sungei Wang to Berjaya Times Square to KLCC and Pertaling Street! Each place gave us different experiences and JOY! For example, KLCC has a PREMIERE toilet which cost RM 2.00 everytime you enter. We went around Sungei Wang in the search of the "Mysterious" Basement2 "Shop"which we couldn't find it until we saw it outside the building while walking to the coach. How about the cheap prank we played on ** *** at Berjaya Times Square? Also, the bargaining and shopping at Pertaling Street! Someone even bought a souvenior item back from KFC!!! hahaha... too bad it didnt work... =X

There was a team bonding dinner on Day1 at "The Ship" where the team get to taste the best steak restaurant and watch the soccer match between Man U and Liverpool. The manager of the restaurant was very nice and thoughtful when he saw one of the players wearing Man U T-shirt (I shall not point out the name of the player...). He told him that he would personally get a separate table for him when Man U lose the match (What to do... the manager's a Liverpool fan! hahaha...). After that, there was a "live" band performing at there. The guys enjoyed the music before the performance from the "Sexy Divas". Who are they and what they performed? Well, it shall stay as a team secret... =]


I must say that it was really an amazing trip for the players and most importantly the team itself. The players really brought back alot of learning experiences and lessons from Malaysia. The team really bonded in one way or another through the games and silly things everyone do together. Sometimes it is interesting to see another side of the players which you didn't see if you had not been on the trip. Even though the team is still not at its peak or tip top condition, I believe they will be able to work out the differences and play better. It will be amazing to see how the team can play in Div2 after the preparations and trainings they will be getting till the start of the games. Even the players have a somewhat good feeling about the team this year. How would they do??? We will just have to wait and see...

Reported by: Your Friendly Reporter =]

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Team Malaysia for being such good hosts and appreciate that the camaraderie that both teams have built will last us through the times to come.