Monday, March 23, 2009

Sizzling Hot from the oven...

After a long day of fun, friendship and floorball during the AGM on Sunday, everyone must be aching all around and having their well deserved rest.

For those who couldn't join us for AGM, please do not feel sad or bad. We understand that you have your reasons. There will be more gatherings or events in future!!! By who? Well, the NEW EXCO of cos...

Introducing the NEW EXCO Team:
President - Teresa
Vice President - Kenneth
Secretary - Jiying
Guys In-Charge - Taufiq
Girls In-Charge - Cin Hui

To serve the club better, hope everyone will give your utmost support to the NEW EXCO team for future events or anything they will require! Remember, "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!".

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