Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank You

Hi Everyone. With the AGM having just passed, we have a brand new committee at the helm of SIM Floorball Club. I thought it would be only appropriate that as the outgoing President, i would share my thoughts on the year that passed.

Firstly, i would like to congratulate the new committee for organising the AGM. My apologies for not being able to attend the AGM due to revision class in school. I heard it was a great success and full credit goes to the new committee. You have definitely showed us that you are indeed the right people to lead the club at this moment.

When the Exco took over in 2008, we had a huge task on our hands. Partly due to the excellent job of previous committees and the high standards that they have set. The club at that time though young in age was growing from strength to strength.

2008 has been a great year. The club has seen a major increase in members. Several events and gatherings were organised, most notably the Freshman Orientation and Post-IVP celebration. One Major event that the club has added to its calendar this year is the SIM Floorball Madness 3 on 3 floorball carnival. The event not only helped to raise the profile of the club but also helped to raise some precious funds for the club and helped bring the club members closer.

This year's IVP competition has been memorable. The girl's team continued to do the school proud by retaining the IVP crown for the 2nd year running without losing a single match. The guy's team has also improved tremendously having assembled a team capable of competing with the creme of the tertiary level.

All these would not have been possible if not for the support shown to the club. The committee has been a pillar of strength for me. Kannan & Charles: you guys have been great. i definitely could not have done it without both of you. Both of you have helped to administer the club issues and finances with great success. Furthermore, both of you helped the club to build an excellent relationship with both student care as well as with the floorball community. I also never had to worry about how the girl's team was doing. This is due to the excellent job done by both Teresa and Jiying. Your passion, commitment and jovial ways were certainly wonderful and refreshing. I am extremely grateful to my committee members. I am also grateful to the club members for the support they have shown to the committee and to the club as a whole.

The new committee has a great mix of both experienced plus new heads. They definitely have the passion and drive to bring the club to the next level. I hope and believe that all club members will give them your utmost support.

Always remember the sky's the limit. There is nothing you can't achieve.

I hope i did not bore you guys with the long write-up. With that, on behalf of the 4th Exco and the rest of the club, i wish the 5th Exco all the best.

President, 4th Exco
SIM Floorball Club

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