Sunday, November 29, 2009


hey girls,

the fixtures are out, the match dates are set.
our opponents are sharpening their blades and honing their skills with the goal of challenging our dominance in the ivp floorball arena.

lets not disappoint them, by giving them any less than what they expect from the reigning champions.
our seniors have set the bar for us and it is our responsibility to make sure that we maintain, or even better, outperform it.

With each passing day, the competition draws nearer. WE HAVE TO STEP UP OUR GAME.
EACH training session is crucial to our preparation. the path to defending our title started long ago for some but others still fail to see the urgency.

time waits for no those who have been coming down for trainings, continue to fight hard for a position. to those who have not been attending trainings, its still not too late, but do not keep your teammates waiting.

with this being said,whats left is up to you. Here are the training details this week:

date: 1st dec tuesday
time: 745-10pm
place: TSH

date: 4th dec friday
time: 745-10pm
place: TSH

"our opponents may be in greater numbers compared to us (as shown in the picture by the bigger sized baby), but so long as we fight together (as shown by the smaller sized puppies), we can hold them off!"

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