Saturday, December 5, 2009

Watch Women´s WFC matches live on the Internet

Hi guys and girls, you can watch World Floorball Championship 2009 for free on your computer. Just go to this website and check it out, The following are the timings that our National Ladies are playing.

5th Dec - Italy vs Singapore 13:45 Bombardier Arena C (SG Time: Sat 8:45pm)

7th Dec - Singapore vs Australia 10:00 Bombardier Arena C (SG Time: Mon 5:00pm)

8th Dec - Singapore vs Holland 18:15 Bombardier Arena C (SG Time: Wed 1.15am)

9th Dec - Slovakia vs Singapore 12:45 Bombardier Arena C (SG Time: Wed 7.45pm)

It will be broadcasting the Women's World Floorball Championships the 5th-12th of December. So do find time and watch some World Class International Matches and pick up some tips from these games that will be beneficial for your upcoming IVP.

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