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NP fall 2-5 to defending champs SIM in women’s IVP floorball

Jan. 17

Story by REDintern Noor Farhan. Pictures by REDintern Kenneth Chia.

NP vs SIM floorball

An SIM player (in white) attempts a pass out of defense. (Photo 1 © Kenneth Chia/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Wednesday, January 13, 2010 – Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) were unable to weather the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) storm as they went down 2-5 in a women’s Inter-Varsity-Polytechnic Games (IVP) Floorball Championship game.

SIM, the defending champions, dominated possession in the first period, with their controlled passing and limited NP to only one shot at goal.

SIM scored first, with a surging run by Ong Huishan (SIM #8) that went unchecked, leading to a goal at 3:49. Receiving a pass from her teammate, she showed no hesitation in going forward and applying the coup de grace from 3/4 court.

Efforts by Farah (SIM #13) and Hui Yi (SIM #6) went wide before a goal courtesy of Liying (SIM #87) after a nice passing move gave SIM a 2-0 lead at the end of the first period.

NP started the second half with more attacking verve, with a shot by Adhe Sarariany (NP #16) charged down by the SIM defence at 3:50. Cally Lim (NP #9) then had an effort that blazed over the bar, followed by a shot by Felicia Lim (NP #15) who also did not find the target.

SIM were beginning to show nerves, when an uncharacteristic stray pass by Angela Danielle (SIM #19) got intercepted by the NP forwards. The resultant defensive melee ended in an NP free hit. However, NP failed to capitalize, with a shot that rang against the wooden rafters instead.

There was no mistake though by Angela Danielle, whose clinical finishing after a forward pass from Mei Wei (SIM #12) gave SIM a 3-0 lead at 4:00.

They again scored through Farah (SIM #13), whose attacking foray on the right left her with space to finish with an instinctive dragshot from 3/4 court that homed in to the top corner of the net.

The period ended with Priscilla Chin (SIM #20) getting her name on the scoresheet, with a free hit from the left side at half-court. Her free hit had a vicious accuracy about it as it sailed past the crowded NP defence into goal, bringing the tally to 5-0 at the end of the second period.

A half-time talk by NP coach Saravanan saw his team charge out of the blocks at the start of the third.

Atikah Chang (NP #7) embarked on a solo run at 6:00 in an attempt to gain some offensive ground but she had no support and was quickly closed down by the SIM defense.

NP finally managed to score their first goal with eight minutes to go through Cally Lim’s (NP #9) effort, after an SIM player dithered too long and conceded possession.

After a time out at 11:50, SIM’s Angela Danielle attempted a mazy dribble down the left and tried to do the wraparound but the NP goalie was having none of it.

NP’s brave efforts were finally rewarded with another goal by Adhe Sarariany (NP #16). A diagonal ball from the left saw Adhe finish with aplomb to grab NP’s second goal.

When pressed for comment on the secret of SIM’s 5-2 win, Coach Charles replied simply, “It’s in the teamwork.”

SIM Lineup
Priscilla Tan (#4), Chong Beixi (#44), Narita bte Omar (#3), Louisa Cheong (#2), Joanne Toh (#5), Lee Hui Yi (#6), Lee Cin Hui (#7), Ong Huishan (#8), Teresa Yew(#9), Tam Wan Ting (#14), Samantha Neo (#11), Ng Mei Wei (#12), Farah Alsagoff (#13), Tina Seah (#54), Yap Liying (#87), Ayuni (#25), Joan Hia (#10), Angela Danielle (#19), Wenna Lee (#17), Priscilla Chin (#20), Teo Jie Lin (#16), Guo Jiying (#22), Nurhuda (#69)

NP Lineup
Chua Min Li (#5), Atikah Chang (#7), Cally Lim (#9), Angeline Mah (#11), Sandra Thong (#12), Goh Pan Hui (#14), Felicia Lim (#15), Adhe Sarariany (#16), Alina Tan (#57), Khng Yin Ling (#18), Nurul Jannah (#22), Neo Rui Xin (#24), Adeline Siu (#26), Siti Maryam (#28), Rosalie Chai (#36), Nurul Diyanah (#27), Siti Hajar (#71), Steffi Lee (#1), Elaine Chan (#13)

NP vs SIM floorball

An SIM player (in white) drives past an NP player. (Photo 2 © Kenneth Chia/Red Sports)

NP vs SIM floorball

An NP player (in black) dribbles past an SIM player. (Photo 3 © Kenneth Chia/Red Sports)

NP vs SIM floorball

SIM take in a team talk from their coach. (Photo 4 © Kenneth Chia/Red Sports)

Way to go girls! Keep up the good work and look forward for the next matches. =]

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