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NTU through to IVP women’s floorball semi-finals despite 0-1 loss to SIM

Jan. 22

Story by REDintern Noor Farhan. Pictures by REDintern Tan Jon Han

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

SIM players running out in jubilation after their team defeated NTU 1-0 in a thrilling group match filled with goal attempts and amazing goal-keeping. (Photo 1 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Wednesday, January 20, 2010 – In a high-octane Group A match between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) at the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Women’s Floorball Championship, the former progressed to the next round despite losing the match 0-1.

NTU progressed to the semi-finals as they had scored more goals than SIM during the group stages.

As early as the second minute, Nurul Ain (NTU #10) had her long range effort blocked by the excellent SIM goalie after some good build-up play. That set the tone for the rest of the game.

NTU’s goalie was not to be outdone, using her body to block instinctively Priscilla Chia’s (SIM #20) close range effort. The on-fire Priscilla (SIM #20) pressed hard with her dangerous runs and had her lobbed finish somehow clawed away from goal by the NTU custodian Lin Bin Bin (NTU #8).

After some quick give-and-go passing by her teammates, Priscilla Chia (SIM #20) was again free on the right side to unleash one of her stinging slapshots at 13:50, which was kept out by the outstanding Bin Bin (NTU #8) with a lightning dive to her left, garnering the goalkeeper rapturous applause from the partisan crowd.

SIM continued to lay siege upon NTU’s goal. With 14 minutes 43 seconds on the clock, Ng Mei Wei (SIM #12) let fly a menacing dragshot from the centre which shaved the crossbar.

The appreciative fans were clearly enjoying the game, judging from their passionate cheers at this point.

NTU had ideas of their own as Liu Xin Lin (NTU #17) flashed a shot wide after some brilliant passing by the NTU offense at 14:57. In a tense first period, the scores were deadlocked at 0-0.

There was no letting up on the intensity as both sides continued to play their high-speed counter-attacking game throughout the second period. NTU’s Serena Tiong (#27) had her effort saved by the goalie at 1:32. SIM’s Priscilla Chia (#20) had her shot also kept out in the ensuing counter-attack.

Both the SIM and NTU playmakers were exerting their creative influence on the game, with Serena Tiong (NTU #27) dictating play from deep with her visionary passing and Angela Danielle (SIM #19) carving opportunities for her teammates with her mazy dribbling and stylish spin manoeuvres.

The NTU defence had to be top-notch as they kept out an effort by Priscilla Chia (SIM #20) who again threatened with her shooting, but this time it was the defence who charged it down at 6:50.

The SIM defence were not to be outdone, as an effort by Lai Soak Kuan (NTU #11) threatened to trickle in, only to be kept out by the SIM goalie.

It took a moment of inspiration by Angela Danielle (SIM #19) to break the deadlock.

Receiving the ball deep from the right, she embarked on a jinking run at 13:54 that left the NTU defenders in her wake. Bin Bin (NTU #8) probably only saw flashes of Angela’s black Salming stick, as her low effort squeezed past the goalie’s legs to put the score at 1-0 to SIM.

NTU tried to return fire just before the end of the second period as a free hit by Serena Tiong (NTU #27) got blocked then unfortunately, the ensuing rebound was not able to be put in as the buzzer sounded.

If the second period was about attacking play, then the final period had to be about inspired goal-tending by both sides.

As early as the first minute, Liu Xin Lin (NTU #17) saw her shot met by the alert SIM goalie. On the counter, the on-form Priscilla Chia (SIM #20) had her dragshot nullified by the left hand of Bin Bin (NTU #8) at 2:50.

At 9:50, an overhead ball by Angela Danielle (SIM #19) was well received by Farah Alsagoff (SIM #13) on the left. But her effort went agonizingly wide, missing the sidebar by a matter of centimetres.

NTU’s goalie continued to keep the scoreline close as she parried an effort by Ng Mei Wei (SIM #12). Lee Hui Yi (SIM #6) also could not finish from close-range.

NTU did not choose to sit back and let SIM come at them as Serena Tiong (NTU #27) unleashed a half-court attempt only for it to be blocked by the on-song SIM defence with four minutes to go.

As the clock ran down, both sides raced to put the ball in the net with efforts by Hui Yi (SIM #6) and Veronica Soh (NTU #7) parried away by the respective goalies.

It was a nail-biting finish to the end as NTU embarked on their final offensive led by their captain. Unfortunately, the effort that came off the attack sailed over the bar as the final buzzer rang to a slender 1-0 victory for SIM.

“At this stage, it all boils down to an individual error to decide the game. I felt that the game was quite tight for both teams, but the team that took its chance sealed the game tonight,” said NTU coach Alvin Tay, on their defeat.

A visibly disappointed Angela Danielle, the goal-scorer, was not satisfied with the slim win. “Well, we’re still out because of the goal difference. (SIM) are the defending champions but we’re already out.”

(Correction: SIM are also through to the semi-finals due to goal difference.

“We just found out yesterday too.” SIM Coach Charles

Apologies for any misunderstanding.)

NTU Lineup
Chew Shi Jun (#3), Lai Soak Kuan (#11), Lim Mei Yin (#6), Liu Xin Lin (#17), Ye Yi Ping (#4), Stephanie Fong (#5), Cheryl Leong (#38), Sheryl Seow (#9), Veronica Soh (#7), Gabriella Lee (#18), Serena Tiong (#27), Ong Shee Yin (#16), Nurul Ain (#10), Khairyn Adriana (#19), Afiqah (#33), Joreen Lee (#21), Lin Bin Bin (#8), Nanthini (#15), Eunice Yeo (#77)

SIM Lineup
Priscilla Tan (#4), Chong Beixi (#44), Narita bte Omar (#3), Louisa Cheong (#2), Joanne Toh (#5), Lee Hui Yi (#6), Lee Cin Hui (#7), Ong Huishan (#8), Teresa Yew(#9), Tam Wan Ting (#14), Samantha Neo (#11), Ng Mei Wei (#12), Farah Alsagoff (#13), Tina Seah (#54), Yap Liying (#87), Ayuni (#25), Joan Hia (#10), Angela Danielle (#19), Wenna Lee (#17), Priscilla Chia (#20), Teo Jie Lin (#16), Guo Jiying (#22), Nurhuda (#69)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

SIM’s captain Ng Mei Wei defending the ball away as NTU’s Serena Tiong looks on. (Photo 2 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

SIM’s Narita only inches away from scoring, but NTU’s Lin Bin Bin was too tough to beat. (Photo 3 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Nothing but immense concentration in the eyes of NTU’s Lin Bin Bin. It was due to her outstanding goal keeping skills that kept SIM at bay despite their relentless attacks. (Photo 4 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Equally commendable was SIM’s goal keeper who ended the game with a clean sheet. (Photo 5 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

NTU’s hopes of breaking the deadlock were dashed when SIM’s Angela Danielle skipped past all of NTU’s defenders with amazing agility to score, squeezing a low drive towards the corner. (Photo 6 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

The sole goal scorer of the game, SIM’s Angela Danielle celebrating with teammate Lee Hui Yi. (Photo 7 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

NTU’s coach Alvin dispatching fresh tactical advice in hopes of responding to SIM’s earlier goal. (Photo 8 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Center court action between NTU’s Serena Tiong and SIM’s Ng Mei Wei. (Photo 9 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

SIM’s Hui Yi benefiting the most out of a loose ball as she gains possession from Serena Tiong’s blind side. (Photo 10 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

NTU’s forward calling for the pass as she lurks in front of SIM’s goal post. (Photo 11 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Goal keeper beaten, but NTU’s Lai Soak Kuan was still unable to get to the ball in time to slot it in for the match equalizer. (Photo 12 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

The score almost became 2-0 when NTU’s Afiqah and goal keeper Lin Bin Bin watched as the ball floated into the goal. However SIM’s Narita was called for a foul before the shot was made and thus the goal was ruled out. (Photo 13 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Another close shave, with NTU’s Bin Bin again reacting just in time to get hold of the ball before SIM could capitalise. (Photo 14 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

IVP10 Floorball Women NTU vs SIM

Two NTU players trying to steal possession from Ng Mei Wei as SIM resorted to delaying tactics to run down the clock nearing the end of the last period. (Photo 15 © Tan Jon Han/Red Sports)

It was a hard fought game and efforts were paid off! =]

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