Thursday, March 10, 2011


Teams Particpating

A1. Sunny Gaby Jacqy Sharony
A2. Zenith
A3. Swifty
A4. Return of the Chipmunks
A5. P9
A6. The Great Seniors
A7. Starbucks Tan
A8. Nothing
A9: Team Haikal

Reporting Time:
All teams are to report at 10.30am on Friday at the Courtyard to register their team.

Competition Format.
All 8 teams will play a robin-format (league style). The top 4 of the table will then advance on to the knockout stage.

Match Times
For Group Stages : 8 Minutes per game (No intervals in between)
For Knock-Out Stages: 7 Minutes of 2 Halves (2 Minute Interval In between)

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