Friday, March 11, 2011

SIM 3v3 FLOORBALL CHALLENGE (Under-20 Boys Category)

Teams Particpating

Group A
A1. Sudden Attack XD
A3. Juying Team A

A4. Scoregasms
A5. Elfos
A7. Juying Team B

Group B
B2. One Team
B3. Team X1

B4. Kretex
B5. Rojak
B6. One of us shaked the principal's hand

Reporting Time:
All teams are to report at 9.45am on Saturday at the Courtyard to register their team.

Competition Format.
Teams be spilt into 2 groups, Group A and Group B and they will play a robin-format (league style). The top 4 of the table of each group will then advance on to the knockout stage.

Match Times
For Group Stages : 10 Minutes per game (No intervals in between)
For Knock-Out Stages: 10 Minutes per game (No intervals in between)

Must Bring!!
* As per the email, please remember to print the Indemnity Forms and get it filled up and signed by your parents or guardian and pass it over to the event organiser at the registration booth when you are doing payment on Saturday morning.
Remember No Indemnity Forms = No play! So please don't forget (:

If you are taking by Public Transport to SIM...
Bus 74 (from Dover Mrt Station)
Bus 52, 154, 184 (from Clementi Mrt Station)


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